Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard

Marketing data analysis allows marketing people to align strategies to address market shifts, customer sentiment, and developing trends. Used correctly, a data analysis dashboard for marketing can boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance.

This Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard, named Marketing 360, is an online business intelligence demo app brings together data from multiple sources into a one-stop-shop view. Analyze Marketing's performance across the organization from digital performance of the website to pipeline and install base engagement.

The demo application is composed of below screens to analyze different details and aspects of the marketing data :

Marketing Performance Dashboard View - Summarizes Awareness (Total Visits), Pipeline (Number of Opportunities Created) and Engagement (Net New Logos).

Awareness View - This section analysis visits to company site through Web, Social Media and Inbound (CRM).

Pipeline View - This section shows overall pipeline, marketing contribution to this pipeline as well as marketing influenced pipeline.

Engagement View - This section analysis penetration, community and partners.

The application is freely accessible online. To access it, fill in Data Analytics with Qlik Demo/App Request Form and don't forget to select Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard from drop-down menu).

Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard - Marketing 360
Marketing 360 - Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard

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